What We Do

BCSF grants allow teachers to dream bigger, and students to achieve more!

Three girls with microscope looking at plants

Through community donations, we provide the funding to qualifying grants that bring teachers most creative and innovative ideas to life. The grant program allows staff to obtain equipment, materials or trips that otherwise could not be supported as part of a school operating budget, but are of clear benefit to the growth, education and development of students.

Foundation grants are intended to afford staff the opportunity to “think outside the box” when they design their curriculum to help every student realize their full potential. Our reach spans students from grades K-12, and many long lasting, successful pilot programs are born from Foundation grants given to creative teachers.

Two girls braiding a friendship bracelet on a park picnic table

In addition to traditional grants in the areas of academics, in 2019 the Foundation expanded it’s mission to support students through the addition of the Legacy Fund, dedicated to mental health education. A gift of the Class of 1989, this Fund is just being realized in new grants at various grade levels.

Most recently, during the pandemic with the shift to remote and hybrid learning, the Foundation helped teachers be responsive to immediate needs with special grant cycles and funding of projects specifically related to supporting students during COVID. As teachers address learning issues arising post-COVID, we are able to be a resource for them for a variety of identified needs.

At the core of our efforts is the belief that expanding learning opportunities for students can have a tremendous impact, which in turn benefits the community as a whole.

Thank you for the awesome legos and the cool alphabet tubs! We are having fun using them at free time. We loved building rockets ships, pools, cafes, houses, barns, and gardens with the legos! We are using the alphabet tubs to sort out things that start with each letter.

– Miss Nayor’s Kindergarteners